Custom stencil personalised A3


This is a custom personalised stencil that you can design in the browser. The stencil is made from 190 micron Mylar plastic.

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This is a custom personalised stencil that you can design in the window above. To create your custom stencil, just follow the instructions below. The stencil will be cut in 190 micron Mylar.


You can design your stencil using the design tools in the window above

Click on the text and drag to move it around (be careful to click on the actual letters, not the space in between)

To edit the text, double click on a letter. (make sure you click on the black lettering, not the background)

When you select the text, use this icon to resize the text.

To delete some text use this icon

Save the design using this button.

Reload saved designs using this button.


To add new text, use the form to the left to type your words and then click “add text”.

Change the font of any text by selecting fonts in the menu at the bottom of the design window.

When you are finished designing then add your design to the cart and checkout.

Dont worry if the design isn’t perfect. I will make sure the word spacing and alignment is correct before making the stencil. Just make sure the spelling is correct.

If you have any problems with the design tool please contact us and we can advise you or you can just dictate your wording and choose a font.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 0.5 cm

a3 (42cm x 30cm)